The Mistura food fair this year focuses on the eastern Peruvian food

In its seventh edition, the renowned food festival Mistura dishes out fusion of Peruvian and Asian cuisine, especially Chinese and Japanese origin.

Chaufa with pork, wonton or maki acevichado are just some of the dishes that this year will delight visitors of the seventh edition of Peru's Mistura food fair, which takes place each year as in the city of Lima and attracts thousands of fans and experts in culinary Arts worldwide.

Another dish with much demand Okonomiyaki Japanese pizza, made with eggs, flour, milk, hodashi (bottom fish), pork tenderloin and tokansu sauce.

In this renowned show, plus food, conferences you exchange experiences and opinions about the cuisine of the region are also held where experts. One of these conferences gave Jesus the renowned chef Nakamura, who asked to rescue from oblivion ancient Peruvian lucuma fruit as "being regarded as sacred in times of the Incas."



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