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This image has everybody going crazy. It’s what people call “fruit algebra”, and it seems easy, but really isn’t. If you look closely enough, you might be certain the answer is clear. However, everyone has a different idea of what it is.

Paying attention in class is something a lot of students find difficult. Simply being there and “hearing” is not enough, to really understand what you’re being taught you need to listen, analyze, and even use our imagination to create mind maps to connect the dots.

We’ve all felt overwhelmed by our workload at one point in our lives. There’s so much we want to (or even have to) do at the same time, we don’t know where to start and certainly can’t do our best.

There’s a million things we don’t know about the Net and some of them would make student life so much easier. If you’d like to know more, read on.

The “Straight- A Method” was created by Professor Cal Newport from Georgetown University. He came up with this method, which is supported by 4 pillars, so that students could successfully achieve their goals.This is how Newport describes every pillar:

The hospitality industry grows rapidly. As of late, it has become one of the most important ones world-wide. In San Ignacio University we’re aware of that, which is why we offer several Hospitality Management programs. Here’s a glimpse of what our B.A. in Hospitality Management is all about.