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Our mission is to provide our students with the tools to succeed in a competitive local, national and international marketplace by providing high-quality education, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, and sharing experiences with competent professionals in the field of Culinary Arts and Business.

Our supportive objectives for each program are:
Exhibit a solid knowledge of professional skills that conform to established U.S. professional practices.
Establish and maintain high standards that comply to and exceed requirements set forth by the best practices and governmental agencies.
Develop problem-solving techniques in real-world applications and demonstrate the ability to act as a team member.
Conform to an established code of ethics and professional standards in appearance, attitude, and performance.
Demonstrate proper presentation techniques and working knowledge of the factors involved in setting up and operating a facility.
Establish a commitment to the profession through activities such as attending food shows, seminars, continuing education programs, and professional association memberships.
Use microcomputers for information management.
Develop a career portfolio with an Entrepreneurial Spirit.



The main attributes that characterized our institution and support our mission statement are:
• Leadership and Teamwork: Today´s professional world requires people that can interact, work with, and make decisions with other people; respecting and appreciating other people´s points of view, their cultural background as well strengths and weaknesses. These attributes will help them become more competent professionals and adapt to different circumstances and workplaces.
• Globalization: We want our students to think of the world as their marketplace and not only their hometown or country. They must be prepared to adapt to different work environments and cultures and also to seek opportunities in different parts of the world.
• Entrepreneurial Spirit: We want our students to understand what happens beyond the kitchen so they can have a more holistic understanding of the Food industry and develop the skills to be capable of starting a business of their own such as a restaurant, a catering company, and others.




Purpose Statements
• To provide learning opportunities that help students create theory and practice, enabling them to respond ethically to contemporary issues and complex problems.
• To offer online and on campus-based educational programs that meet the needs of diverse learners and support student success and completion.




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