Ace your classes with this method

If you want to improve your performance in class, try the Straight-A Method from Georgetown University

The “Straight- A Method” was created by Professor Cal Newport from Georgetown University. He came up with this method, which is supported by 4 pillars, so that students could successfully achieve their goals.This is how Newport describes every pillar:

Pillar #1. Capture: You must capture, organize, and regularly review all your obligations as a student. This provides the foundation needed to built intelligent plans and it eliminates the toxic stress generated by disorganization.

Pillar #2. Control: Control your work schedule. In short-term plan each day what hours you’ll dedicate to work and what you will accomplish in these hours. In the long-term: break up large projects into smaller pieces and identify on what days you will work on each.

Pillar #3. Plan: Never “study.” The word is ambiguous and tied up with too many emotional connotations. Instead, always follow a concrete plan built around specific actions. This allows you to streamline and gain efficiency, while avoiding “pseudowork” and guilt.

Pillar #4. Evolve: No one gets it right the first time. Constantly reevaluate your strategies. After every test or every paper, ask yourself what worked and what could you do to be better and faster the next time.

Take these 4 pillars into account and see how much your grades improve. Try the Straight-A Method!

For further information and some other techniques to study efficiently, check out Cal Newport’s blog:  


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