Are you getting enough sleep?

A recent study determined how many hours students sleep. 

As of late, the scientific community has shown a lot of interest in establishing how sleep affects college student performance in the classroom. As a general principle, a good night’s sleep is essential to achieving good results in class. That’s why Jawbone, creators of a tracker called UP, conducted a study on sleep habits of students aged 18-22 years.

These were some of the most interesting conclusions they reached:

  • Students who were considered for the research averaged 7 hours and 3 minutes on weekdays, and 7 hours and 38 minutes on weekends.
  • The tougher the school, the later the students go to bed.
  • On average, women go to bed earlier than men, and wake up earlier, as well.

Once the data was collected, researchers expressed their concern that college students were sleeping less than recommended by the National Sleep Foundation on 46.2% of the nights.

What do you think about this research? Are you getting enough sleep? Remember good sleep habits guarantee an optimal performance, both inside and outside the classroom. 


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