Become an optimistic student!

These ideas can change your student life for the better, check them out

Student life is not easy, that much is certain. There will be bumps in the road and days in which nothing seems to go your way. That’s when maturity, intelligence and awareness of your strengths and weaknesses become essential to success.

Optimistic people don’t ask “What’s good about this situation?” instead, they ask “How can I turn this into a favorable situation?”. In San Ignacio College we work very hard to foster optimism. We want our students to be ready to face the real world with the best attitude possible.

Here’s how to start being optimistic:

  • It is your strengths that help you find your way out of a situation, not your weaknesses.
  • Whatever the problem is, there is a way out and a solution can be found.
  • Your future is full of great opportunities to come that you may not even be aware of today.
  • Your strengths are only effective when applied to the things you can change. You should aim higher, but keep it realistic at all times.

Take these ideas into account, write them down and have them always with you. If you keep them in mind, you will become a more optimistic student, that’s for sure.


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