Choose the right college major

Consider these tips to choose the academic program that’s just right for you

Choosing what to major in is one of the most exciting stages of student life. Mind you, making a decision as important as that one is not easy, but here in San Ignacio College, we’re committed to helping you find your path.

If can’t make up your mind, we’ll be available for counseling. However, here’s some advice you’ll find very useful:

  • Don’t choose a field just because one of your family members did, or because “it’s tradition”. It is OK to march to the beat of your own drum.
  • Find something you are passionate about, and forget about money. If you really like something, don’t make matters more complicated than they have to be by thinking about whether or not it will be a profitable choice.
  • Do a little research on career possibilities. It is important to know what kind of job you’ll be likely to have.
  • Be open-minded about it. All fields of knowledge branch out.

Remember the most important thing is to be happy no matter what you do, and that in San Ignacio College we care about helping you find the right fit for you, so you can make all your dreams come true. 


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