Dreams come true in San Ignacio College

The incredible story of our new student, Kelly Valencia

This is a land where dreams come true, and in San Ignacio College we are really happy we get to be part of people’s lives and aspirations. Kelly Valencia, Venezuelan and a new student in our institution, has a story worth telling.

When she was just 18 years old, this young woman made the decision to pursuit a better future for her and her husband. They have been in Miami for 8 months, and Kelly never quit her dream of studying here. People told her it was difficult because of how steep prices were, but she stayed strong, not giving up.

A member of our Admissions’ team met her in a beauty salon, where Kelly works to pay her expenses. They talked about San Ignacio College and the many options we have to offer.

Today, Kelly and her husband Joseph started studying Hospitality Management with us. Our doors will always be open for those who really want to make their dreams come true. San Ignacio College is waiting for you!


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