Enhance your study sessions

These techniques will help you improve your study sessions

The world is going full speed, so, feeling overwhelmed by not having enough time to study is a perfectly normal and common situation. What with classes, work, friends and exercise, it is hard to make the most of your study time. That is why we want to give you these strategies so you can take full advantage of your study sessions.

  • Wake up a little earlier: Waking up a little earlier can add extra minutes to your day so you get a chance to review your notes and squeeze in a little studying into your routine.
  • Create audio notes: Your written notes can be converted into voice files, and you can listen to when your eyes get too tired.
  • Keep your notes on your phone: After a class ends, send the notes you took to your phone. When you get some free time, you will already have those important bits of information at hand for a quick review.
  • Say “no” when you have some studying to do: A practice that will undoubtedly help you study is saying “no” to something at least once a week. It’s all about balance. Going out and having fun is all very healthy. But saying “no” once in a while can help you get some extra time to concentrate on studying.
  • Make good use of multitasking: Do you usually go for a run? Is your commute too long? Seize those idle moments to listen to your audio notes and get some studying done. Can you think of any situation in your life that offers the same opportunity?

Do you have any other techniques to take full advantage of your study sessions? Tell us about them!


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