How to successfully start your remote sales?


In business, we must all reach a sales goal periodically. However, you can't visit the client, not for now. Calling the Client through cold calls, sending text messages or direct information could be in some cases very limiting legally. So, how can you be able to maintain or develop remote sales if there are so many regulations? 

In this article, I will offer you some effective and applicable techniques for you or your sales team to successfully generate the first remote contact with the Client. 

Let's see: 

1. Plan your Digital RegionTo sell remotely, you have to develop your list of prospects as in face-to-face sales, but beyond developing your “Friends & Family ” network, the idea is that you develop your own digital region where you are the leader with as much data as possible. In the strictest sense “A region is a territory division comprising one or more populations”. 

Digitally, the same will happen, you will develop your groups of clients (Territories) and you will classify them by the type of target, by services or products you sell. To build each group, start calling and contacting people related to you according to your classification criteria. 

You only have a list of 10 prospects per group? Don’t worry. That's more than enough. When you contact them, remember to state your connection to them and what are the general benefits of your proposal. 

Here are a few tips for the first contact. 

2. For the First contact you can announce your call with a text message. Do not believe that everyone rejects a call after knowing that they are going to call them. Remember that possibly they will be interested in your service and you are contacting them on behalf of someone they know. What happens is that you are entering with 50 other bidders, but if you write a text with key and short information, they will thank you and wait for your call. For example: 

- “Dear Mr. Martínez. This is Elsa Rodríguez, a consultant at Personal Insurance. I am contacting you because I served your cousin, Leonor Ovalles, and she gave me your contact information. I'll call you tomorrow at 7:00 pm to listen to the insurance necessities for your family and to offer you a tailored solution. It would be around 10 minutes, if you need more time to comment on your situation, I'm here to listen don't worry. I'm here to serve you." 

What could happen? The lead will never reject you. In any case, the prospect will give you another suggestion for the appointment or ask you for more information, which you can send according to the needs. Also, you can note that in addition to sending written information, you have 25 types of policies but in order to provide a customized solution, you need to speak with them. 

3. If you do not want to advertise in advance via text message and you prefer to make a call to initiate contact… the first 15 seconds are key. The first 15 seconds of a call with the Client prospect is also known as the “Tunnel of truth”. In this tunnel, you can get away or just not. What should you do? When contacting them, remember the elements that give you credibility. Some tips for the 15 seconds: 

a. Don't show up and say your name at first. Since you already have their name, as you have developed the list of prospects, first validate his or her first name and, then, both the first and last name of the prospect. 

 “Good morning, Mr. Valdemar? Valdemar Martínez? ” 

That will lead you to a YES, or to a ‘Who is this?’, but never to a NO or worse, to hang up the call. There, you already have the first 5 seconds won. 

b. Give your name and announce where you are calling from, provide a business reference. Whoever has more relational capital earns more. No one wants to be rude to an acquaintance of a friend or relative.  So, when you are on this phase of the call, give your name, the referrer name, and make sure that both speak well of the referrer and why for that person it was a benefit to have your service. There, you have another 5 seconds gained. 

c. You're still on the first cold call. The purpose of the call is not to sell, it is to guarantee a space to sell. You will indicate that you will send information or a sample to the potential client. It is the perfect excuse to justify the first cold call and to make the second contact. In this first contact you must be  cordial, manage time, and offer promises to send samples, case studies or some kind of success tool for your client. You must awake their curiosity and interest in what you are going to send them. If it doesn't add value to the customer's life… redesign your sample. Offer success stories, products that increase their benefit, or physical samples that will add value to them. 

- “As you know, Mr. Martinez, I am contacting you because I have information that will probably be of your interest and I want to share it with you. In these success stories, you will see companies similar to yours, how they managed to climb 20% of their sales in 2 months. It’s free, I am not sure if this would be of your interest? 

With the first YES, you agree to send the sample and you say goodbye with a definite recontact date. That first cordial contact must be short (no more than 1:30 seconds). You want the prospect to label you as "Concrete and useful". You already have permission to call him again. You already have his attention and respect. You have won a target because you did not try to sell. On the next call, it will depend on your sales skills to continue or not the business relationship with your potential client. 

By Cesar Saddy 

Business and Sales Consultant 

Author of the Book SELL IN THE CLIENT'S SHOES 

Twice No. 1 in sales in the Amazon Kindle Best Seller Rank 


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