Mode SIU

During March 4 through March 8 2019, San Ignacio University held an event for their staff on university grounds called Mode SIU, where each day a specific event was held.

On Monday, a Yoga & Relaxation class given to staff members by the instructor David Iglesias.

Tuesday, a Pure Power class was given by Carolina Fonseca.

Wednesday, a detox class was given by Michelle Posada from Mitchies Restaurant. A quick class was given on how beneficial green smoothies are for health. Very distinct blends of smoothies were given to staff members and it was a very tasty delight for everyone.

On Thursday, a talk was given by Dr. Mercha Becerra regarding Prevention & Mistreatment of Women. In addition, it was also the beginning of the Preventive Care Test that continued on to Friday and various tests were conducted to staff members as preventive measures.

Last but not least, on Friday noon a talk was given by Marisol Casola about Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Motivation.



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