New Miami Campus Teaser

San Ignacio University is proud to present our upcoming New Campus!

We at San Ignacio University are proud to take the next step in our commitment to our Miami presence. Through investing, we will establish a new and improved campus in Sweetwater near the Dolphin Mall.

The city of Miami continues to be a great source of raw, diverse, world-class talent, which is what brought San Ignacio University to the states and what keeps us here. As San Ignacio University grows, so does our responsibility to support the community by offering new and modern infrastructure that will supply students with new growth opportunities and further develop their new or current studies.

The following short video portrays what is to come from the new campus. A new modern building with greater classrooms, even more, study areas where students will be able to study, and greater social areas where students will be able to socialize with other students.


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