"Peruvian USIL is the first university in the USA"

Raul Diez Canseco Terry is undoubtedly one of the Peruvian entrepreneurs who have known how to enjoy success.

Owner of a genuine business sense that led him to conquer the American market, Raúl Diez Canseco Terry is undoubtedly one of the Peruvian entrepreneurs who have known how to enjoy business success and politics, becoming deputy minister and from 2001 to 2004, first vice president of Peru during the government of Alejandro Toledo.

Currently, and after several years of quiet work, you has-been Known to operate in the United States, the San Ignacio College (San Ignacio University soon), Which was based on the first Peruvian Chefs School in Miami, Don Ignacio Culinary Arts School.Sin Diez Canseco doubt have enjoyed an intense life and own an entrepreneurial spirit Exceed That has now allowed the toughest standards of the American government to operate a bilingual university, becoming the first Peruvian university and all Latin America to Obtain Accreditation and certification to operate in the United States.

How is this educational adventure begins in the United States?

This comes from a very old relationship we have with Walt Disney World, where over the past 10 years we have sent over 1,500 young people to do practical to USA, during the months of November to Disney marzo.Nosotros we proposed to make a culinary presentation at one of the hotels there and took Peruvian chefs and was a complete success; with dishes such as lomo saltado, aji de gallina and desserts. This festival was so successful that we agree with Disney have a much deeper relationship and hence decided to create school chefs in America, to form professionals Walt Disney needed; we were not sure what it is that we meet the requirements to get an education project in that country.

¿The road has been long?

We have followed a process of accreditation with an investment of approximately $ 7 million. We started with the school for two years, during this period curriculum, infrastructure, quality of our students and graduates (for which had to be a first class) was reviewed. Hence it became a deep X-ray of our work and we passed other careers such as management, restaurants, shops, etc. Our studies are bilingual and that's the big advantage. We will try to relate to many young people who are Americans, but we understand that Florida is the gateway to the USA, and our salumnos are young people from Spanish speaking countries also need to speak English. That is, there is a huge market.

Does the accreditation is very difficult?

Look, in the USA there is an institution which is the accrediting. In our case, the Ministry of Education and the Florida Department of Education has had to approve our project in a public hearing where even our competition to recognize the view as an educational institution. After going to require an accreditation process to a professional institution with high prestige and then get this condition, the same institution monitors and every year we even interviewing our students.

Silent revolution government

Raúl Diez Canseco awarned that the 18 Scholarship Program is placing 5, 6 and 7 thousand children per year. "The government is doing a silent revolution in education with this program. Those kids when they finish they will return to their villages where the devil lost his poncho," says the entrepreneur. "Talk I listen and say, no sir I will return to my people and I will do the best school, others say they want to be

Engineers to build bridges that will not fall. That means that the great transformation comes after "he says. "I told President Humala once. President close the circle, the best students the contracts the state. Imagine if the municipal and regional officials are those healthy guys. Do you think they're going to be thieves? In life. The problem in Peru is lack of culture, education. Here comes a wonderful new batch. What you should do is to let the silver mining should be used to build schools and that will make Peru is changed in profound ways for a country of entrepreneurs and knowledge needed to do ".

Idiomas en Paraguay

Soon, the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola University will also open a language in Paraguay, Raul Diez Canseco announced. The prominent businessman announced that it is an interesting market that is growing steadily in recent years.

18 thousand students

Former Vice President Raul Diez Canseco Terry said that due to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, now has become popular in the domestic market and for now adds approximately 18 thousand students.

Export education

"Peru not only exports asparagus, tangelos, avocados, grapes, minerals, fish meal, but now also exports a new product that is non-traditional education, it is the first time that a Peruvian university obtains certification to operate in the United States ".

What is missing in Peru?

“What is missing in Peru is the control and the demand for quality. Universities like ours must be competitive in the market, but the students look for another option. Instead, there are universities that peddle poverty and deliver a title without adequate preparation" , said Diez Canseco.

University Act

"The great mistake of Peru has been the University Assembly, which is always politicized. I think the concept of university assembly must change and it must belong to the best students who are there to be great, "said the businessman.

The private sector is required

"Mora is wrong, the private sector is what we need" Diez Canseco insisted to note that the new University Act seeks to repeal the DL 882, precisely under which universities such as UPC, Lima or the USIL were formed.

They open cultural center in China

"We will open a cultural center in October in China because there are more than eighty universities in China that have powers in Spanish," says Raul Diez Canseco. "We, we are saying to the Chinese is that, instead of going to study Spanish in Spain or Mexico, you come to Peru (via Spanishinmmerson program in Cusco). That is, we are offering a course in Spanish in Cusco Inca palace we remodeled for teaching foreigners. Currently there are one hundred students studying in a classroom that has the extranjerosse Inca walls go crazy!

Source: Journal Express, Page 8, Section Political, 22-06-2014


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