The power of your personal branding

On Thursday June 25, 2015 in the City of Miami, the conference -El Poder de tu Marca Personal (The power of your personal branding) 

was held by the social networking strategist Irrael Gomez. The event took place in San Ignacio College, with an audience of near 200 people; the speaker gave participants insights and success stories about managing social networks and their influence on the power of personal branding. Irrael emphasized that in addition to the quality and design of the content, the most important is to express emotions in the message and gave the audience several recommendations on how to achieve it. Finally, the speaker closed the conference by reminding the audience that if you do not work in a true competitive advantage, there is no other way than be cheaper.

  • The power of your personal branding
  • The power of your personal branding


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