Secrets to making friends in college

Leave shyness behind and start making new friends

You are in a new country, you don’t know anyone, and you are starting college. At first all these changes can be overwhelming for anyone. That’s why we have some secrets to help you relate and enjoy your college experience to the fullest:

  • Get involved in campus activities and events: This is a great way to meet new people who share your same interests.
  • Be aware of what’s holding you back from making friends. Find that barrier that stops you from talking to new people. Don’t be shy! College is as new to you as it is for pretty much everyone else.
  • Learn how to introduce yourself. Talk about yourself naturally and genuinely. Don’t get scared.
  • Remember that rejection happens to everyone. Sometimes we hold back from meeting new people because we fear rejection. Have confidence in yourself. You are not the only one feeling nervous and akward.
  • Be helpful and have a joyful attitude. By helping each other, we build connections that are unlikely to break.

Challenge yourself, take the initiative to hang out with new groups and try these tips. You will see that in a short time you’ll have tons of new friends. 


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