USIL organizes international colloquium on education with world renowned authorities

With the participation of president of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, government ministers, former heads of state of Ibero-American countries, diplomats and illustrious intellectuals, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL) held an international colloquium titled “Education and Development Heading for the Year 2021.” The main themes of this academic and business event were the future of global education, values, the technological revolution, the role of educational institutions in democracy, and comprehensive health, among others. 

The event was organized in conjunction with the second meeting of USIL’s International Advisory Committee, which is made up of outstanding global leaders from different fields of knowledge;

Education: the most important development capital
The president of Peru, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, opened the colloquium, highlighting the fact that the Bicentennial of Peruvian Independence is coming up and that, as a country, we have many challenges ahead of us, especially in education.  

“Education should be for everybody, since it’s the strength one needs to move up in society. In Peru, we need high quality technological education, and I’m happy to know that USIL will be launching its Functional Medicine degree program soon,” said President Kuczynski.

The founding president of USIL, Raúl Diez Canseco Terry, thanked the president for his participation and explained that this USIL colloquium was intended to highlight education as the most important development capital today.  

“Education is freedom and the exercise of democracy. It’s shaping citizens who defend their rights. Those who are trapped in poverty, ignorance and disease are not free to choose,” remarked the founding president of USIL.

Education and Health
During the opening of the event, the executive president of USIL, Luciana de la Fuente de Diez Canseco, explained that the university’s challenge for the coming years is to promote healthy, sustainable living as a national education policy. 

“Good health and a high quality education are the foundation of personal welfare and national growth. Yes, we’re free, but let us always be healthy, as well,” said the executive president of USIL, paraphrasing Peru’s national anthem. She also announced that the university would be launching its Functional Medicine degree program in 2018.
The words of Ambassador Allan Wagner, chair of the USIL International Advisory Committee—who said, “The opportunities this constantly changing world offers are many, and ensuring that our young people know how to take advantage of them is the primary challenge of educational institutions,”—marked the beginning of the advisors’ participation in the meeting.  

Other important participants in the colloquium included the Paraguayan minister of Education, Enrique Riera; the Peruvian minister of Education, Jaime Saavedra; the president of USIL, Dr. Ramiro Salas; and the CEO of USIL, Juan Manuel Ostoja. 


Quotations from members of the USIL International Advisory Committee

“Educational institutions should mainly offer ideas, values and principles”.
José María Aznar
Former prime minister of Spain

“Ideas are born and grow in educational institutions”.
Dr. Andrés Pastrana Arango
Former president of Colombia

“In the year 2050, there will be 9 billion people in the world, and they will need 60% more food. Therefore, it is necessary to have more water, technology and high quality education in the agricultural sector”.
Ing. Ismael Benavides Ferreyros
Former Peruvian minister of Agriculture and of Economy and Finance 

“An innovative university should adopt blue ocean strategies, and USIL is working on that”. 
Kaye Chon, Ph. D.
Dean of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

“We need professionals who go beyond the technical aspect of their work and also seek social purpose”.
Raúl Delgado Sayán
Founding president of CESEL S.A. Ingenieros Consultores

“At the world’s great universities, students are aware of what’s going on in the world. Therefore, this colloquium is important, as it allows USIL students to participate in dialogue about the current global context.”.
Dr. Hernando de Soto
President of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy 

“Latin America is the region of the world with the worst distribution of wealth. In order to deal with this situation, it is important to bank on education”.
Enrique García Rodríguez
Executive president of CAF - Development Bank of Latin America

“We need universities to shape enterprising young people who are capable of dealing with this changing reality, managing it and seeking the common good”.
Dr. Enrique Iglesias García
Former president of the Inter-American Development Bank

“The future is arriving with a wide labor-related gap that needs to be dealt with. I congratulate USIL because entrepreneurs are what is needed to turn the situation around”.
Ambassador Carlos Magariños
Argentine ambassador to Brazil

“We need the government to bring back our best scientists, who are spread out all over the world”.
Dr. Modesto Montoya Zavaleta
Former president of the Instituto Peruano de Energía Nuclear (Peruvian Institute of Nuclear Energy)


Quotations from guests  

“The challenge is to shape innovative, enterprising young people who are capable of improvising and know how to get along with others”.
Enrique Riera Escudero
Paraguayan minister of Education and Culture 

“We need education focused on complex, diversified services for all of the country’s realities”.
 Dr. Jaime Saavedra Chanduví
Peruvian minister of Education  

“USIL graduates are well prepared to work in any part of the world, thanks to the global education they receive. For example, our most outstanding students are here in this colloquium”.
Dr. Ramiro Salas Bravo
President of USIL


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