Last April 11th and 12th, San Ignacio College had the pleasure of welcoming Chef Javier Guillen from “República del Cacao”. He graced us with a fantastic pastry workshop.

The start of college can be difficult for some people, but here we give you some tips so you get ready and prepared.

Next Thursday, April 21st, there will be a special treat in San Ignacio College’s campus for those who love baking, and would like to learn something different. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

San Ignacio Business School is an unconventional institution. Its academic programs combine a wide e-Learning platform and practical methods, which students with previous professional experience in the field will find very useful. 

Are you about to graduate from High School and would like to go to college but don’t really know what your options are? In a few days, we will be hosting a workshop that you might find very interesting.

Do you want to be the best professional? In San Ignacio College you will learn these 5 skills that will make you be the difference in the labor market.

Many students are overpowered by doubt at some point, and begin to wonder if they, in fact, chose the right academic program. Questions like “Should I be studying something else?” are more common than one might think. 

Many educational institutions are only focus in activities inside the classroom. But San Ignacio College is different. With us you will find a variety of activities that complement the education of our students and community in general.

Student life is not easy, that much is certain. There will be bumps in the road and days in which nothing seems to go your way. That’s when maturity, intelligence and awareness of your strengths and weaknesses become essential to success.

Keeping students engaged during class is one of the most important tasks a teacher has. However, with new technologies and smartphones, it has become increasingly difficult.

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of hosting a Job Fair, where our students and people from around the community could try their hand at a casting and apply for different jobs.

Being a good teacher is not easy, but if you manage to have an exceptional level of devotion to your students and the ability to inspire them to achieve their goals, you know you’re on the right track.

This is a land where dreams come true, and in San Ignacio College we are really happy we get to be part of people’s lives and aspirations. Kelly Valencia, Venezuelan and a new student in our institution, has a story worth telling.

Journalist Arantxa Loizaga, news anchor and TV reporter for Noticiero Univisión, visited San Ignacio College’s campus last week to give a lecture.

One of the main reasons for you to transfer to our classrooms, is because we want to train you, we want to walk you through the path of development towards the professional you should become, give us the opportunity to partake in your growth.

Some people prefer the classics: reading, underlining, taking notes. But scientists have found there are some rather unexpected study techniques that seem to be more effective. Let’s begin:

It is common knowledge that countries like China or India are the biggest exporters of college students in American institutes. The good news is  Latin America seems to be getting closer.

Wednesday evening we had a special moment at San Ignacio College. We had the pleasure of welcoming 44 international education agents from over 17 countries and of taking them on a Peruvian gastronomy experience.

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