Course Summary

The Associate Program in Business trains the students to develop their business management skills in a challenging growing industry.

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Course Description

At SIU, the marketing program blends  human, social, and natural sciences with business to propose a unique educational model.

The students will acquire the knowledge to understand the modern market and the needs of its consumers to develop basic products, prices and promotion management.

What will you learn?

Markets Basic


In order to improve the productivity of corporation, the rules of the game must be learned. At SIU, the students will have all the knowledge and tools at their disposal to master the market.

Financial Knowlege


The basis for education at SIU are the financial knowledge and practices that are required in the industry. With the specialized coursework the student will have the tools and skills to approach the field as a professional.

Efficient Leadership


The students at SIU are trained to be not only professionals, but leaders as well. Every organization needs a leader to communicate efficiently with the work team to improve organization professionally and socially.



A professional network is the solid foundation for modern business. In the program the student will develop the skills to establish and enhance a network to grow both personally and professionally.

Course Objectives

The goals of the programs are for the student to be able of understanding the complex system of relations between different areas of an organization; and to identify and respond business opportunities.


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