Course Summary

In the modern competitive industry, marketing is a key element for international organizations.

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120 credits
32 months or or 8 semesters

Program Description

The bachelor level program in marketing program aims to develop the student to become a strategic marketing professional with knowledge and tools needed to become successful marketers for today’s global business environment.

Our curriculum program is designed to utilize both theoretical concepts like brand management, consumer behavior, business to business marketing, understanding the use of business analytics in decision making, market automation, marketing research, service marketing, e-marketing and real-world cases to develop skills in marketing decision making, problem solving, marketing processes and situations, independent thinking, and appreciation of their own and other cultures.

This degree offers students who pursue their careers in the marketing field in areas such as media coordinators, media buyers, market research, public relations, advertising sales, and product development.

What will you learn?

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

•Examine various theories relevant to the marketing professional working in a contemporary business environment.

•Identify the theoretical foundation and practical applications for helping organizations adapt their marketing and management strategies to succeed domestically and internationally.

•Identify the various social, legal, economic, ethical, and technological influences that affect the marketing field based on industry specific research.

•Compare the ways in which the various social science disciplines of psychology, sociology, and anthropology impact consumer behavior in the marketplace.

•Demonstrate knowledge in the areas of science, social sciences, arts and humanities, and basic subjects including mathematics, English, U.S. history and government.

•Examine key concepts and theories related to program content – utilizing critical thinking and academic writing skills.

•Write in a unified and coherent manner appropriate to the subject matter.

•Use appropriate sentence structure and vocabulary.

•Incorporate diverse cultural perspectives into business decisions.

•Recognize ethical issue.

•Identify ethical issues.

•Examine program content in relation to ethical reasoning, social responsibility, global citizenship, civic engagement.

•Assess the value for life-long learning.

Program Objectives

The Marketing Program prepares students to become a link between the market and the organization, developing the capacity to identify consumer needs and translate them into tangible proposals of products and services, using the basic tools of Management and Marketing Fundamentals.

Admission Requirements

International students

• Admission form.

• High school degree translated and evaluated by a member of Naces in case the document is not outside the United States.

• Financial proof of a reserve of $23,000.

• Assessment of English language proficiency.

• Valid passport.

• Make a single payment of $85*.

**Non refundable. When you have completed the admission process, we will issue your I-20, an essential document to apply for the F1 visa.

We will be happy to assist you in this process. Local students

• Admission form.

• High school degree translated and evaluated by a member of Naces in case the document is not outside the United States.

• Assessment of English language proficiency.

• Valid ID.

• Make a single payment of $85*.

* *Non refundable.

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