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Raúl Diez Canseco Terry founded the San Ignacio de Loyola Educational Organization nearly 50 years ago with the goal of delivering quality education of international scope.

San Ignacio University - U.S.A

San Ignacio University is a private accredited American university, located in Miami, Florida: a city that has been ranked among the “Alpha-World Cities” of the globe. Miami is not only known for its multicultural diversity, but also for its great, mild weather.  the University was founded on October 24, 2007, by Raul Diez Conseco.

San Ignacio University offers a variety of programs that range from Associate level to master’s degree level, in the field of Business, Marketing, Hospitality management and Education. All programs aim to prepare students for personal and professional success, and to become productive members of our society.

San Ignacio University (SIU) has a thriving international student population, SIU welcomes students worldwide and encourages them to pursue and achieve their academic dreams with first-class instructors in their field.

Our programs aim to help student elevate their knowledge and prepare them for a broad range of roles . students will gain not only the academic knowledge they need to have an impact, they’ll gain leadership skills and insight from professors with years of real-world experience.

At SIU, Students can also tailor their education to match their professional goals with a diverse selection of degrees and specializations.


The San Ignacio de Loyola University (USIL), which with 8 faculties and 35 careers, prepares competent and entrepreneurial professionals, with social responsibility.

The USIL Graduate School, whose mission is the training and development of leaders, managers and specialists who seek to generate the maximum economic and social value in the organizations.


Due to its global spirit, the corporation established in 1993 the San Ignacio de Loyola School in Asuncion, Paraguay. The institution aims to guide the students through the primary, middle and high school levels to educate them within a bilingual culture and attain technical and scientific bachelors.

Following its growing tradition, the corporation established, also in Asuncion, the San Ignacio de Loyola University to continue the educational culture that distinguish them.


The international presence of the organization extends as far as China, where the “Centro Peruano para Estudios Latinoamericanos” (Peruvian Center for Latin American Studies) was founded in Beijing in partnership with BISU. The purpose of the center is to promote the cultural and scientific exchange between Latin America and Asia to solidify the interdisciplinary, international, and professional character the corporation pursues.

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