Course Summary

The entrepreneur who possesses both commercial skills and aptitude for service makes the right profile for the Hospitality Management Program.

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60 credits
16 months or 4 semesters

Program Description

The associate in hospitality management program provides courses to form a foundation in communication and personal skills while business courses develop the necessary competencies to understand management principles.

Courses like English Composition, introduction to business, macroeconomics, and microeconomics, principles of accounting, and introduction to public speaking, college algebra, and general biology provide the basis for a rounded education.

Specific courses in hospitality and food and beverage management like introduction to the hospitality industry, food and beverage management, food sanitation management and introduction to customer service, by experienced professionals, allow the student to begin a career in the hospitality industry.

What will you learn?

By the end of the programs, students at San Ignacio University will have completed the following objectives:

•Apply and reflect on knowledge and skills acquired through academic, Craft-based learning and workplace learning activities.

•Operate at supervisory level in operational departments within the hospitality industry.

•Apply contemporary systems and theories relevant to administrative and operational management tasks in hotel departments or units.

•Exhibit solid work ethics, good inter-personal communications, and cultural awareness and teamwork skills.

•Use tools for developing their career plans, setting personal goals, and developing appropriate common skills.

Program outcome:

Upon completion of the Hospitality Management Program, students will be able to:

•To interpret the fundamental principles of essential hospitality management functions,

•To demonstrate professional behavior and competencies in customer service,

•To develop a range of leadership skills and abilities such as motivating others, leading changes, and resolving conflict,

•To communicate effectively in oral and written communication,

•Write in a unified and coherent manner appropriate to the subject matter.

•Use appropriate sentence structure and vocabulary.

•Incorporate diverse cultural perspectives into business decisions.

•Recognize ethical issue.

•Identify ethical issues.

•To analyze and solve problems, using appropriate tools and technology,

•To recognize the challenges and opportunities of working effectively with people in a diverse environment

Program Objectives

The Hospitality Management program provides the necessary competencies and skills to start a career in the Hospitality Industry. It aims to provide students with a broad understanding of the operational aspects in today’s fast-paced and exciting hospitality and restaurant fields.

Admission Requirements

International students

• Admission form.

• High school degree converted and evaluated by a member of the Naces in case the document is not outside the United States

• Financial proof of a reserve of $23,000

• Evaluation of the sufficiency of the English language

• Valid passport

• Make a single payment of $85*.

*Non refundable. When you have completed the admission process, we will issue your I-20, an essential document to apply for the F1 visa. We will be happy to assist you in this process. Local students

• Admission form.

• High school degree converted and evaluated by a member of Naces if the document is not outside the United States.

• Evaluation of the sufficiency of the English language.

• Valid ID.

• Make a single payment of 85*.

*Non refundable.

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