Immerse yourself in a multicultural city that serves as a gateway to the world.

Situated in the vibrant heart of Miami, a pivotal port city globally, San Ignacio University is dedicated to delivering top-notch education, fostering business prospects, and facilitating enriching global exchanges.

Florida holds the top spot for higher education according to U.S. News and World Report, owing to its combination of quality education, program diversity, and robust job market. San Ignacio University (SIU) contributes to this ranking with a flourishing international student community.

We warmly welcome students from around the globe and empower them to pursue and fulfill their academic aspirations with exceptional instructors in their respective fields.

Advance your education on your own terms: explore our online programs and discover the perfect fit for you!

The descriptions of our core values serve as guiding principles, aiding us in fulfilling our mission and reaching our objectives. These attributes distinguish our graduates. Join the SIU family today and embark on your journey.

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At SIU, we integrate entrepreneurship into every student's journey. We cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset that empowers graduates, whether they're launching their own businesses or tackling innovation challenges within established companies. This means equipping students to identify and capitalize on exceptional opportunities to solve problems and generate value.

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Social Responsibility

The University is dedicated to conducting its business affairs with a commitment to social responsibility, ethics, and environmental sustainability, aligning with its educational and service missions.

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Our goal is to encourage students to view the world as their marketplace, extending beyond their local community or nation. They should be prepared to adapt to varied work settings and cultures, proactively pursuing opportunities across different regions of the world.

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Our academic programs are crafted with your priorities at the forefront.

Explore our wide array of over 12 academic programs, and you're bound to discover something that aligns perfectly with your interests. Let your passion pave the way to a fulfilling career.

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Engage with an organization that has a global footprint.

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San Ignacio University (SIU) stands as an affiliate of the esteemed San Ignacio de Loyola Corporation, boasting over 50 years of experience in the education sector.

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Miami, FL

At SIU, whether you're on campus or learning online, our primary focus is on you, the student. This approach allows us to provide smaller class sizes, flexible scheduling, and direct access to faculty with industry experience.

Additionally, our private, for-profit status enables us to tailor our offerings to your needs, offering innovative areas of study to foster both personal and professional growth.

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Lima, Peru

San Ignacio de Loyola University (USIL), boasting 8 faculties and 35 career paths, is dedicated to nurturing capable and entrepreneurial professionals with a strong sense of social responsibility.

The USIL Graduate School is committed to cultivating leaders, managers, and specialists who strive to create maximum economic and social value within organizations.

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In Asuncion, Paraguay, the San Ignacio de Loyola school has been providing comprehensive education since 1993, offering schooling from the initial level to high school, including technical and scientific bachelor's degrees.

Moreover, the recently inaugurated headquarters of the San Ignacio de Loyola University is also located in Asuncion.

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Beijing, China

Our organization extends its reach to China, particularly in Beijing, where in collaboration with BISU, the headquarters of the Peruvian Center for Latin American Studies is located.

This center serves as a hub for cultural exchange and scientific research, fostering connections between Asia and Latin America.

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Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

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