Course Summary

The English as a Second Language Program offers the practices and resources to achieve the highest proficiency in the English language.

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900 Hours

Course Description

At SIU, the marketing program blends  human, social, and natural sciences with business to propose a unique educational model.

The students will acquire the knowledge to understand the modern market and the needs of its consumers to develop basic products, prices and promotion management.

What will you learn?

English Proficiency


The main goal of the program is for the student to develop the proficiency in English to achieve excelence in professional environments. English is the global language and at SIU you will learn how to take advantage of it.

Efficient Communication


Communication is a key element for successful development both personally and professionally. Speaking an international language will allow you to develop yourself internationally.

Efficient Leadership


The students at SIU are trained to be not only professionals, but leaders as well. Every organization needs a leader to communicate efficiently with the work team to improve organization professionally and socially.



A professional network is the solid foundation for modern business. In the program the student will develop the skills to establish and enhance a network to grow both personally and professionally.

Course Objectives

The program is divided in six intensive levels with consistent and suitable examinations. The program presents different study plans made accordingly for every academic need of the students. The coursework focuses on articulation and literacy.


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