Course Summary

The English as a Second Language Program offers the practices and resources to achieve the highest proficiency in the English language.

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Credit Hours
50 weeks

Program Description

Before starting the program, the student will be administered a placement exam to determine his/her level of English proficiency. Additionally, students are evaluated by instructors, who appropriately distribute grades indicating learning and growth. Grading components include grammar, oral communication, reading, writing, and integrated language skills. In cases where any of the required components have not been met, students are required to repeat the course.

The Program focus on academic English and range in level from Basic to advanced (depending on students’ placement scores). The ESL program include a minimum of 18 hours of reading, writing, grammar, speaking, listening, vocabulary, and content-based course instruction per week; with a total hour of instruction each day to 4 hours Monday through Thursday synchronously, and Friday 2 hours synchronous for a total of 18 clock hours per week. Each level is 10 weeks long.

Students must complete all subsequent levels of ESL before they are permitted to take English Composition I.

What will you learn?

The student who successfully completes the program will be able to:

● Develop abilities in grammar, reading, writing, oral skills, and study skills.

● Improve their fluency in producing and understanding written and spoken English.

● Become a more competent, efficient, and perceptive academic reader who can communicate to others through writing and speaking the contents and main ideas of what is read.

● Present ideas clearly and logically to achieve a specific purpose and to be appropriate for an intended audience.

● Acquire critical thinking skills as it relates to using these tools for effective communication in an academic environment.

Program Objectives

ESL students at San Ignacio University are engaged during study that provides them with the guidance and resources necessary to help them attain the highest level of English proficiency. Students’ ability to speak English proficiently will impact their lives in multiple ways, including academically, socially, professionally, and personally. The ESL program is designed to focus on the application of lessons aligned to teach students skills in American English through a sequence of culture notes, and listening, speaking, reading, and writing techniques. Throughout the course, activities will reinforce the listening, vocabulary, and grammar skills developed to include a segment on pronunciation. Students will develop a robust process-writing approach; writing worksheets help them recognize shapes, and write letters and numbers, while promoting partner and group work. Reading is combined with writing and listening practice for an integrated approach to ensure greater understanding. Self-assessments also provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their learning and support learner persistence.

This program will provide a foundation to enable students to effectively prepare for the TOEFL, which is an integral component of this program. Student progress is consistently and accurately assessed through testing at the appropriate level of proficiency.

The ESL course offerings feature curricula created specifically to meet the academic needs of SIU’s diverse student body.

Admission Requirements

Complete the admission form

Take the placement test to determine the level of English Submit these documents:

• Proof of financial support in the amount of $17,000 ( Visa Applicants)

• High school diploma translated and evaluated by a member of Naces

• Valid passport and ID



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